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Visual Discovery Conference in 2022

Taking place from September 12th – 16th at Lucerne University
of Applied Sciences and Arts in Switzerland

Image: Pawel Streit

What is the Visual Discovery Conference?

The Visual Discovery Conference (VDC) is a student-centered gathering of renowned design schools from around the world. Therefore, student collaboration is at the very heart of this inspiring week-long event.

In workshops on various topics, international teams work on infographic designs for several days and discuss and present them to each other in a big presentation at the final day. Accompanied by keynotes and talks by teachers, an exhibition, a design competition and networking days, the event offers a variety of opportunities for intercultural exchange and professional discussions.

Hosted annually by one of the involved universities, the VDC also offers participants a fascinating insight into various cultural environments and the campus life of international design universities.

Our motto for 2022: first sight. then seeing.

Like every place, Switzerland and Lucerne can offer some stereotypes, at the first sight of a hasty visitor. However, by observing the landscape, city, its buildings, monuments and museums more carefully and speaking with the citizens, unique and unforgettable aspects emerge.

This workshop intends to highlight these characteristics, making use
of information design, data visualization and visual storytelling representation systems.

Apply now and be part of our journey in 2022!

Registration for 2022 is open now! For more information, the conference program and the link for registration please click here:

Please note: Only students from participating schools are eligible to register. If you are not a student or teacher from a partner school, please contact us at the following email address:

Please state your motivation and qualifications.

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