what’s your love language?

How do we love? We say it with our actions, our words, our emotions. According to Gary Chapman, there are five love languages. They are words of affirmation, gift giving, physical touch, quality time, and acts of service. For this year’s Visual Discovery Conference, our group decided to figure out which language we best show.Continue reading “what’s your love language?”

TOP 4’S TOP 10

For our Visual Discovery Conference project, our team decided to make an infographic about music.It’s a topic we all care about, because some of us play instruments, someone is singing an others just really like listen to music. But for everybody it’s an important part of life. After some research and brainstorming we had foundContinue reading “TOP 4’S TOP 10”

Eating habits of students

Although the conference this year took place online, it did not limit our creativity and our exchange. With regard to the main topic “This Is Us”, we thought about our habits in our small group.  Among other things, we noticed that we have different eating habits. Giulia and Miriana come from Italy, Bre from Ohio,Continue reading “Eating habits of students”

in the mood for music?

Yes! That’s why we decided to visualize how and when our four team members listen to music throughout the day. We settled on eight moods or purposes of music, which are listed below with their corresponding patterns.The four diagrams shown represent our individual daily musical journey. In the upper part every team member visually interpretedContinue reading “in the mood for music?”

Our favorite Board Games

A project by Chantal Hann, Nina Krug, Giulia Saccon, Adam SpelicThe four of us worked on an app explaining our favourite board-games, regarding the fact that board games are present in all our lives – now maybe even more than before. Each one interviewed another person of the group, and we talked about the gameContinue reading “Our favorite Board Games”

Sharing and comparing fridges

4 fridges – 4 students – 3 countries – 4 categories In an attempt to compare food and fridges on an international level, four college students in different countries shared the contents of their fridge. Our team consisted of Giacomo and Rebecca from Italy, Juliana from Germany and Madison from the United States. We decidedContinue reading “Sharing and comparing fridges”

Isolated Islands

How common interests keep us connected. “Isolated Islands. How common interests keep us connected.“ is an illustrative graphic project  in which various interests and passions of the group members are represented on  a map. In this map are shown four islands that represent the personal interests of the various members and all those elements thatContinue reading “Isolated Islands”

Our Programs

Team 8 What’s our project about?Our project wants to visually show the differences between our specializations, in particular between our university courses.We decided to compare both standard information such as tuition fees and lectures methodologies, as well as what characterize the subjects we are studying: as for this last topic, we decided to do thatContinue reading “Our Programs”

What’s App with screen times around the world?

The Visual Discovery Conference 2020 sought to create and understand what makes Us. Universities from around the world came together to develop different understandings of the idea “This is Us. We (team two) focused on how much screen time us individuals accumulate throughout a given week. But we also wondered; is there a common groundContinue reading “What’s App with screen times around the world?

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